Free Online Course On Mindfulness

Introduction to Mastering Mindfulness

Applying powerful practices to overcome anxiety, trauma, depression and so much more. Mindfulness and meditation has been practiced for millennia and today it is a multi billion-dollar business. The is a free video course on practicing Mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a psychological state achieved by directing one’s awareness on the present, and acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts, and sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Practically Applying Mindfulness

Mindfulness required a level of balance, focus & living in present moments. We frequently couple mindfulness with other meditation and more focused practices. However it is far more functional if it becomes a part of everyday focuses. Mindfulness is an energy that can help us recognise the moments of our happiness that are present in

The Impact of Cognitive Restructuring and Mindfulness

Cognitive restructuring using mindfulness is a process of identifying and dispelling irrational or nonproductive thoughts better known as cognitive distortions all-or-nothing thinking, magical thinking, generalisation, magnification, and or emotional reasoning, which are frequently associated with mental health issues. Cognitive restructuring is a core part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and works hand in hand with

Reframing Your Beliefs With Cognitive Restructuring

Cognitive restructuring used for stress management the primary objective is to switch stress inducing thoughts or cognitive distortions with much more mindful thoughts that do not amplify the stress any further. The practical application of CR is to look at the stressors with a completely new point of view and then to interpret them in

You Can Learn to “Flow” More and Stress Less

Flow is frequently associated with reducing stress and general anxiety as it slows down the rush and enables your induction of a state of flow that disconnect from obtrusive thoughts and permits us to focus on tasks with seemingly effortless ease.

Ways to Awaken Your Hidden Power

Your conscious mind is the sharp tip of a vast depth of knowledge and understanding that your sub-conscious is able to process. Learning how to use your sub-consciousness is a fundamental tool in discovering your many hidden abilities and talents.

Visualisation Activates the Mind

Visualisation techniques involve the systematic practice of creating a detailed mental picture of a desired and peaceful outcome or environment. Getting into the cockpit of our brains and designing our thought patterns in creative, positive, organised and intuitive ways, can alter our lives for the better.

Using Your Power of Belief

Roundup On This Mindfulness Course

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