7 Ways to Help an Anxious or Depressed Partner

A lot of people suffer from anxiety and depression, but it’s difficult to understand your partner. This blog post will discuss seven ways to support someone with these issues.

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a state of worry or fear. It can cause shaking and difficulty breathing. Anxiety makes people tense and alters their reactions to stimuli.

Depression is a state of sadness. It can cause anxiety and a sense of hopelessness.

While helping someone with anxiety or depression won’t cure them, it can help them feel less alone.

To help someone with anxiety or depression, you should first do your own research. This will help you understand your partner better!

7 ways to help an anxious or depressed partner:

Compassion & Understanding

It’s more important to care than to say everything right. Offer nonjudgmental emotional support. Be empathic, compassionate, and patient with your loved one. Let them know they won’t be abandoned.

Tip #2 – Help them form good habits

Staying fit and sleeping enough. Creating a daily, weekly, or monthly routine can be soothing.

Tip #3 – Be with them

Encourage them to try new things so they stay engaged.

Assure your loved one that time and treatment will help them heal. Encouragement and hope for a better future.

Tip #4 – Never judge someone’s anxiety or depression.

It’s not their fault they’re anxious. You and they should never blame each other. It’s a brain chemical imbalance treated with medication and therapy.

Tip #5 – Offer assistance.

This can range from catching up on chores or organization to accompanying them to the doctor. Prevent dominance or dependency. Respect the person’s autonomy while considering their decision-making capacity.

What not to say

Just think positive. “I don’t understand your sadness.”

“Everything will be fine.”

“I quit sugar and got better! Try it.”

“Just snap out of it.”

“Many people have it worse than you.”

Tip #7 – Saying

Do you want to discuss? I’m ready when you are.

How can I help today?

How are you? How are you?

Not alone. I don’t understand, but you’re not alone.

You matter to me.

That sounds difficult. How are you?

I’m so sorry this is happening. If you need me, I’m here.

Remember that you cannot “fix” your partner’s mental health issues. Your partner simply wants reassurance that you are with them.

Consider referring your partner to a professional Therapist.

We hope the above advice has helped you better understand your partner.

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