Primary Care Rehabs

Drug addiction professionally known as (substance use disorder or SUD) is a chronic condition that will affect the brain. In where parts of the brain change when a person uses substances that consequentially affects the individuals abilities to learn, to make critical decisions, short and long term memory, sound judgement, and the inability to control their behaviours.

Primary Care Rehabs

Expert primary care facility consulting and guidance from first admission, complete detox, psychiatric evaluation and mentorship programmes in South Africa.

Secondary Care Rehabs

With discharge from critical detox and over 3 weeks of clean time patients can enter step down facilities or secondary care facilities based around South Africa. Let us help you find suitable secondary care services.

Outpatient Recovery

Group and individual outpatient services in South Africa. Outpatient services performa many of the same treatment services as residential recovery programmes however the patient lives and stays in their normal day to day life routines but guided by expert counsellors.

Personal Counselling

One on one personal counsellors around South Africa able to treat patients on an ongoing basis. Enabling and facilitating personal development and coming to terms with psychological repatterning required to continually beat long-standing addiction cases.