The Trauma Care & Recovery Model

Recovery Direct is one of the leading rehab centres in the world using the trauma best model of personal recovery. Complex trauma has long been established as one of the key drivers of addiction based behaviours and many mental health disorders.

The adverse childhood experiences or “aces” study conclusively recognised childhood trauma to be a key indicator as too many physical and psychological health disorders in later adult life.

The treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and the associated symptoms has substantially advanced over the last two decades with the upsurge of military veterans returning from tours of duty with the disorder.

A process of careful understanding of the care and highly specialised talk therapy enables patience to re-experience the traumatic experiences in a safe and held environment. This reprocessing of trauma effectively trains the mind to no longer get stuck on trains of thought that become distressing and disruptive to the individual.

Recovery Direct Treatment Centre in Cape Town launched the trauma survivor campaign that helps people that struggle in South Africa with complex traumatic experiences. This program includes many facets of individual recovery, personal growth, life coaching, meditation and mindfulness as well as the somatic body experience.

One cannot emphasize enough how important it is to mediate one’s thoughts through a third party that is involved with your life. By simply having a measured and professional view especially in circumstances where you have struggled with past trauma the third party psychology professional is able to work with you through interpreting present-day relationships correctly.

The trauma recovery talk therapy process is intended to be finite in that over time you will begin to understand your own thought processes better and build the ability to mediate and self regulate your thought processes to being more in line with your well-being and life and not based on subconscious emotive responses.

This is a substantially different model for depression, anxiety and substance use disorder treatment where many centres in South Africa still treat people with free treatment programs like the anonymous groups and 12 step. The 12-step programs are excellent for people that have established a grounded understanding of their own psychology first.

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