Finding Better Recovery in South Africa

It’s not a secret that addiction rehab centres have a limited success rate inpatient treatment and this is largely due to “treatment” programmes NOT dealing with the core issues in patients that drive their addictions.

There is little evidence to suggest that the 12 step program of addiction treatment can even be considered an addiction treatment programme. The anonymous groups cater freely to recovering addicts and alcoholics however the accountability structures and therapeutic treatment required for dealing with the root causes of the addiction is blurred with the archaic and punitive doctrine that is not applicable in the vast sum of addiction cases.

Consequently, these individuals that require root cause addiction treatment services reject 12 step process and relapse. Thus “treatment” is prolonged over multiple relapse cycles requiring continuous attempts by affected patients to finally “get sober”. The lack of accountability enables individuals to easily “fall out” of the process without commitments.

Ongoing treatment of “addicts and alcoholics” enables direct access to an individual to understand what is driving their addiction. This process deals with the root cause and then the addiction. Solving one makes the other redundant. Psychotherapeutic trauma treatment and behavioural change programmes enable patients to not only find the root causes that drive the addiction but then to mindfully respond to these drivers and begin handling the problem in the context of their daily life.

Online rehab deals with addiction from this angle. Every day of recovery patients spend in direct one on one treatment with professional counsellors. The intensive programme enables rapid uptake of behavioural changes that may take months if not years to undertake in competing rehab centres.

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