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Specialised tools developed by Recovery Directs team of counsellors will enable you to access online resources for a wide variety of mental health topics. These tools are designed to enhance talk therapy and include many insights into from the world’s leading authorities in addiction recovery, interpersonal relationships and human behaviour specialists.

Recovery Direct are also market leaders in anxiety treatment and recovery services which enable people to access online course and counsellors that are able to Use advanced telepsychology to help you with anxiety-related symptoms.

All information is presented in a psycho-educational format that is easily digested and integrated and includes some of the top experts in anxiety treatment using the most advanced cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness practices.

The coupling of pre-recorded material with psychotherapy sessions with active and life groups format is an innovation that provides a substantial platform at a relatively low-cost price to a wide number of people that are struggling with mental health conditions such as substance use disorders, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and classic stress.

None of the course where is intended to replace one-on-one treatment which is still recommended as the primary modality of severe cases. These more severe cases are handled from the Recovery Direct centre in Cape Town where there is a dedicated care program.

This program is an exclusive program that is designed specifically to help individuals using the best possible resources available. In some cases, this may require that some patients be referred on to other mental health providers depending on the suitability of services provided vs the availability of resources within the centre.

Recovery Direct is based in Rehab Cape Town where the lead research team creates and curates content.

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