Misdiagnosed Addiction and Trauma

The complex phenomenon of trauma can have a number of psychological effects on the human mind and our emotional repertoire.

Trauma dated back to our early childhood can manifest in a host of psychiatric conditions in our adult life. Compounding this is the fact that trauma is linked to substance abuse as a means of numbing emotional pain.

Under these conditions, the risk of addiction is rife. Trauma can lead to Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder and Complex Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder; the latter being a deeper, more entrenched condition. However, these are just two of the mental health conditions in which trauma is implicated.

If we are to study trauma more closely, we will see it is the precursor to most psychological disorders today. Individuals with CPTSD may have been misdiagnosed with anxiety, depression, bipolar, personality disorder, ADHD, OCD. However, if the underlying trauma has not been identified, these diagnoses will fail to correct the problem.

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